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Step One: Dream

The first step to any project is, of course, the dream that spurs it. At James Guerrero Architects, we make capturing your dream for your project an absolute priority.

At James Guerrero Architects, we work our hardest to provide the services our clients need in order to get the buildingof their dreams. Along with both commercial and residential remodels, and ground-up commercial and public works construction, we also do more highly specialized and small projects, such as custom homes, tenant improvements, and multi-tenant facilities.

Architectural Services

Permitting is an important initial step to any project. We help our clients through the permitting process, assisting them through the bureaucracy and paperwork as best we can.
Feasibility Studies are a review of a project's proposed functions within the existing or proposed facility, such as an in-depth look at the square footage required in a project versus that which is available, a review of costs necessary to provide those functions, upgrades of the facilities, and prioritization, as well as general guilding evaluation for proposed uses, life safety, and code compliance.
A review of environmental and physical impacts on sites for proposed uses, including building code requirementsand planning requirements. Our studies look at long-term site usage and the flow of traffic - both vehicuar and pedestrian - and also the preservation and incorporation of site features.
Programming is a comprehensive look at building and program functions and their required layouts and space needs, as well as spatial and functional relationships between program functions.
A variety of drawing techniques are used to relate designs for presentation and decision-making processes. Perspective, elevation, and axonometric drawings are used to render buildings, along with digital modeling with Sketch-Up presentations.
During schematic design we pull together the owner's programming information and site studies to begin developing our plans, simultaneously developing the building envelope, working with the owner and subconsultants at every turn. Code issues are identified related to building occupancy and construction type.
We work with all the agencies with jurisdictional authority. We take projects to preliminary design intention meetings through formal hearings and site reviews, as well as working with a client's presentation and review protocol.
After owner review and approval of schematics, the project continues to be detailed. Interior elevations are added and designed in the design-development stage, Exterior elevations and floor plans are refined as well. The sizes and clearance requirements of equipment are incorporated, and coordination of subconsultants continues.
During this phase, documents are further developed to instruct the contractor on to theinished form and quality of the project. This includes coordination between subconsultants and specialty consultants as well, as well as specifications developed defining information.
We perform weekly construction meetings and site observations, make clarifications to contractors and subcontractors, preview pay requests and construction progress, and coordinate consultant observations.

Honestly James Guerrero is the best architect I can recommend. He is extremely talented and he always goes above and beyond.

-Julia Gilbert

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